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High speed creativity for extraordinary results

HD is your ideal partner in reaching an upscale result in POP / POS communication. Our company oversees the entire product cycle of displays or packages, from design and printing to distribution and customer services. We strive for the end-user satisfaction through innovation, cost and time savings, and a constant focus on managing complexity in the process.

Technologies & logistics

Technologies: HD boasts a range of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as offset printing (various formats), digital printing, production plotters, automatic die-cutting machines, gluing machines and others.

Logistics: HD places a strong emphasis on rationalizing production sites and implementing local distribution. Our kitting hubs efficiently manage customizations and assemblies, ensuring that we meet your specific needs.

Our strategy starts off with an accurate market research, passing then on to the creation of various product samples or renderings in order to identify the exact needs of our clients. Once approved, we can guarantee the customer a satisfactory outcome.

  • Processes

  • Global Market Trend Analysis

  • Marketing & Brand Analysis

  • Design

  • Rendering and Samples

  • Pre Press

  • Products

  • Carboard Display

  • Permanent Display

  • Ridig Boxes

  • Folding Boxes

  • In/Outdoor Communication

Our value chain

  • Rendering & Creativity

  • Product engineering

  • Cost optimization

  • Production

  • Logistic & Distribution chain

  • Customer service

Our journey


Mr. Ferruccio Giustini founded Arti Grafiche Giustini, which is still renowned as one of the oldest typographies in Rome.


Mr. Paolo Hintermann founded SISAR, a company operating in the sector of advertising billboards.


Mr. Roman Diaz Gonzales, the grandson of Mr. Giustini, took over the box production business.


Mr. Paolo Hintermann founded OSG through the merger of SISAR, Occhipinti, and Gioja. OSG is a company involved in the production of cosmetic and perfumery packaging.

2000 - 2010

The company changed its name from Arti Grafiche Giustini to EURPACK. With this rebranding, EURPACK experienced rapid development in Italy, including the opening of a site in Milan and an expansion of its product portfolio.


Enrico Hintermann and Roman Diaz jointly founded HD.


The company HD Retail was established, focusing on the design and production of permanent product displays.


HD finalised the acquisition of F.T. S.r.l., a company involved in the design, production, and distribution of cardboard displays and other cardboard products. F.T. S.r.l. was previously one of HD's biggest suppliers.

HD is much more than a company.
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