SINCE 1912

Mr. Diaz and Mr. Hintermann - two experts in the industry of packaging and display production, establish Hintermann & Diaz company in order to merge the expertise and provide to the market new business solutions.


HD, your ideal partner in reaching an upscale result in POP / POS communication. Our company manages the entire product cycle of a display or a package: from design to its printing, followed by distribution and customer services. We strive for the end-user satisfaction through innovation, cost and time saving, constant focus on complexity management process.

More than 90% of our POP / POS design & production is dedicated to cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Technologies: Hintermann & Diaz company has several manufacturing technologies such as offset printing, digital printing on large rigid materials, formatting, die-cutting and gluing machines.

Logistics: H&D focuses on rationalized production sites and local distribution - kitting hubs, from which customizations and assembling are managed.


An accurate initial market research, creation of product samples enables us to identify the needs and precisely satisfy expectations of our clients.


Global Market Trend Analysis

Marketing & Brand Analysis


Rendering and Samples

Pre Press


Carboard Display

Permanent Display

Ridig Boxes

Folding Boxes

In/Outdoor Communication


Global Supply Chain

Assembling and Packaging


The realization of prototype made of qualitative production materials allows us to start the supply chain activities including the distribution of the commodity followed by a qualitative costumer service.

"Manufacturing is more than just putting parts togheter. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly".
(J. Dyson)

  • 1912

    Mr. Ferruccio Giustini founded "Arti Grafiche Giustini" -­‐ still well known as one of the most antique typography in Rome.

  • 1953

    Mr. Paolo Hintermann SISAR foundation. Focus on prestigious publishing industry.

  • 1990

    Successful development, new headquarters and equipment. Quality certifications

  • 1997

    OSG Hungary, focused on promotional displayers design and production

  • 2010

    Enrico Hintermann & Roman Diaz foundH&D expertise optimization and new solutions development

  • 1940

    First pharmaceutical-healthcare packaging production

  • 1986

    Mr. Roman DIaz Gonzales, grandson of Mr. Giustini, takes over the boxes production business.

  • 1993

    OSG foundation, from SISAR, Occhipinti and Gioja merger. Focus on Cosmetic and Perfumary packaging.

  • 2000 - 2010

    New name EURPACK. Development in Italy, new site in Milan and product portfolio enlargement to leaflets and aluminiumfor blister production

  • 2020

    Dedicated to instore permanent display and visual comunication